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Join the premiere of our Multicare X bed at Arab Health 2022


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Multicare X: Hands-on workshops

It shouldn´t hurt to be a nurse

January 24 – 27, 2022 | Every day at 11 AM and 2 PM

Watch and train:

  • Some of the basic principles to reduce strain on the body
  • How the right patient bed can make a difference
  • Usage of the lateral tilt for ergonomically correct care

LIVE: workshop with Koen de Doncker, SPECIALIST IN ERGONOMICS

  • Koen De Doncker
  • Ergonomist and product manager

The goal is to help nurses with ergonomic moving and handling of patients. Learn Koen’s tips and instructions for ergonomic execution of daily nursing routines.

Multicare X: Hands-on workshops
Birthing Care Supported by the Innovative AVE 2 Bed

AVE 2: Tips&Tricks&Trends for Midwifery

Birthing Care Supported by the Innovative AVE 2 Bed

January 24 – 27, 2022 | Every day at 12 AM and 3.30 PM

  • Follow our birthing expert Anna von Siebenthal
  • All of the Birth Stages on One Bed
  • Positioning and Versatile Support for Natural Birth
  • In-depth approach: Options and positions of kneeling

LIVE: Workshop with Anna von Siebenthal

  • Anna von Siebenthal
    Midwife, Clinical Trainer Birthing for LINET Group

„Delivering what you've been asking for: A birthing bed meeting comfort requirements of EVERYBODY involved.“

Smart Care Solutions

Smart beds. Saving time and lives.

January 24 – 27, 2022 | Every day at 1 PM and 3 PM

  • Attend interactive sessions
  • Learn about the benefits of connecting beds to your hospital systems
  • See how smart bed data can improve your patient outcomes
  • Learn how to increase workflow efficiency and minimize errors

LIVE: workshop with Josef Dvorak

  • Josef Dvorak, Product manager

SafetyPort provides you a real time overview of patient safety measures & clinical practice across your unit while supporting your initiatives in early mobilization. SafeSense 3 presents the combination of bed exit, motion monitoring and wetness detection in order to help prevent falls and pressure injuries.

Smart beds. Saving time and lives.
Meet us at booth Nr. SA.A30

Meet us at booth Nr. SA.A30

Get in touch with our team and experts

Take a close look at our new ICU solution and all innovations

  • Attend LIVE presentations
  • Ask the experts
  • Meet LINET MEA team
  • Get a good coffee

About Linet

LINET Group is the global #1 advanced care beds manufacturer with installed base of over 1,100,000 and annual production of more than 130,000 bed frames. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in the European Union.

Our comprehensive product portfolio ranges from prenatal to elderly care and it includes advanced care beds, chairs and stretchers, surfaces, smart care, various accessories and furniture. We provide high-end in-bed patient care solutions under brands LINET and Wissner-Bosserhoff in the following segments: OB/GYN & child care, intensive care, acute care, pressure care, stretchers & chairs and nursing care.

Our commitment to customers is extended with a wide range of services, including smart care, after sales, rental, financing, total bed management and clinical & product training.

LINET - Designed to help you care.



24 –27 January 2022 | DWTC #SA.A30

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